Thomas-Jacob Publishing, LLC

Queries and Submissions
Thomas-Jacob Publishing, LLC is currently closed to queries. 

We're interested in full-length, quality fiction that stimulates thoughtful discussion and debate. Our books, which tend to be character driven, are often classified as literary fiction, a distinction of which we're proud. For a better idea of the types of stories we're looking for, browse though our catalog and notice the array of societal and historical topics our books cover. We are particularly interested in hearing from authors from diverse backgrounds.  

If you think your work might be a good fit, send a 1-3 page synopsis to [email protected]. Type the synopsis directly into the email; no attachments, please. Emails with attachments will be deleted. Unsolicited manuscripts will also be deleted. If, based on your synopsis, we determine we're interested in learning more, we'll contact you and request to see several chapters of your manuscript. Please allow a couple of weeks for us to respond.